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Bushman’s Game Breeders 2019

Bushmans Game Breeders -- Bushmans-Game-Breeders.WildTeKoop.co.za

Crowned Nyala - Big Boy - Bushmans Game Breeders

This is our story about the different animals on the farm, in their respective breeding programs .

Blesbuck - Name Jack Russel - Bushmans Game Breeders


This is a young apache type ram that was bred in Tarkastad and is coming into his first breeding season. The ewes with him have been selected from some that were bought in and some that were bred on the farm. He has some white ewes , some normal ewes and some of the ewes have colour patches on them that are with him.

Blesbuck - Name Rafiki - Bushmans Game Breeders


This ram is about two and a half years old and was bred by well known breeder Pedri Snyman . Rafikis father is a pure saddleback in his breeding herd called Bakgat (picture supplied) . Rafiki is a really good split and has been put with carefully selected ewes . This is Rafikis first breeding season on the farm.

Dollar Brand - Blesbuck on Bushmans Game Farm - Eastern Cape


This ram is from a herd on Pedri Snymans farm that was started by his father . Dollar Brand is into his third breeding season on our farm and has had quite an influence on his offspring born on the farm so far . His horn length is 17 6/8 inches and he has a small brown patch on his left hind quarter .  He also has a very symetrical set of horns with a good tip to tip.

Jack Russel

Dollar Brand
Blesbuck named IIMPONDO - Bushmans Game Breeders


This ram comes from Southwell in the Eastern Cape and has huge potential . He is about 24 months of age and at 20 months his horns already measured 18 4/8 inches and 15 inches tip to tip . This is his first breeding season on our farm and the ewes running with him have also been carefully selected . He is an outstanding example of a common blesbuck.


Bushbuck on Bushmans Game Breeders Ranch


There are 3 main breeding rams in 3 different camps and one ram comes from the Grahamstown area and the other 2 from Alexandria . The females come from Alexandria and Uitenhage.


Grysbok op Bushmans Game Breeders wildsplaas


These buck occur naturally on our farm.

Hartwater Springbokke - Bushmans Game Breeders


These animals are hartwater and the breeding stock come from Ezulu nature reserve , Bedford and Alexandria . There are three different breeding herds on the farm.


Hartwater Springbuck
Mountain Reedbuck
Southern Reedbuck

Impala Bushmans-Game-Breeders


The females were carefully selected from Sibuya Nature Reserve for there black faces and dark backs . The breeding ram is a black split and pictures of the father are visible . This is also the first breeding season coming up.

Mountain Reedbuck - Bushmans Game Breeders - Alexandria Eastern Cape


These animals come from Alexandria and Bedford areas . The breeding ram measured 8 inches.

2nd Southern Reedbuck Breeding Ram - Bushmans Game Breeders


These animals come from Salem , Alexandria and Kokstad . There are two breeding herds the one has a ram from Kokstad that measured 16 4/8 inches when released and the other breeding ram comes from Salem and measured 14 6/8 inches.


Big Boy

This is a breeding program that was started in Natal 9 years ago . We bought in some as well as some normal nyala females from Addo , Sibuya nature reserve and Limpopo . We started our breeding program in May of 2015 . The crowned nyala has a very distinct white mark on the forehead and a white tip on the tail.

Big Boy - Crowned Nyala

As a game breeder we have our own animals for sale from time to time.
If you would like to be notified of any available animals, please give us a call or fill in your details in the form below.

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